About Us

A warm welcome from our founder and creator of the original product range, Ruby.

In the Beginning

The Inspiration, Creator, and the Magic behind Verde London comes in the form of Ruby who has been running it since its inception in 1988.

Ruby, a canny Yorkshire lass, grew up in a practical family who made medicinal remedies from the ingredients around them like honey, herbs, liquorice and vinegar. From an early age she was infused with the desire and determination to seek out new solutions to age old problems using natural ingredients.

The Journey

Deciding to explore the world around her, as a young woman she first moved to London to expand her horizons, then decided to work and travel around the world via Israel, Australia and the USA. During these adventures she developed a fascination for natural healing and botanical preparations, that inspired her curiosity and passion for the subject, and culminated in her enrolling on a course in botanical formulating at The Institute of Botany in New York.

Upon returning to London Ruby started formulating her own recipes making creams, ointments, lotions and soaps and finding various outlets for her products. At the same time, she embarked upon a ten-year period of study which included Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Massage and Psychotherapy.

"I was infused with the desire and determination to seek out new solutions to age old problems using natural ingredients."

Ruby, our Founder

The Destination

The impetus to open Verde was to create quality products for beauty, bath, health and home that are rich in herbs, marine extracts and essential oils. Verde’s objective from the outset has been to provide relaxing, nurturing and balancing products to a stressed population… How perfectly does this sentiment still ring true today!

The name Verde came to Ruby as representing all things green and herbal and her products were originally packaged in dark green bottles. Over three decades her customers have grown to love and rely on her inspired botanical creations.

We warmly welcome you to join our loyal band of Verde London aficionados.